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We have been patiently waiting for RYN Footwear to arrive in America since we first saw them in 2008 at the World Shoe & Accessories (WSA) show in Las Vegas. Celia and I both tried on a pair of the RYNs and fell in love with the shoes as we walked around the exhibit hall in them. I liked the feeling of stability and control, and Celia remarked that she could probably wear RYN shoes all day long (which I found to be very interesting, because she can’t wear MBTs at all).

It took a while for RYN to start arriving in the USA, but I received a call in October from RYN USA, asking me if we would still be interested in bringing the RYN shoes into our store. The answer was an immediate yes. We didn’t have much to choose from, but they had some decent availability in the Black Sports model for Women (shown above), and some Men’s Dress shoes. We brought them into establish a “fitting run” to gauge customer feedback. As soon as they arrived, they started selling. Customers tried on the RYNs and the MBTs and most opted for the RYN shoes. When we asked them why they chose the RYNs, we got a variety of answers, but almost everyone commented they liked the feeling of stability and control, compared with the MBT shoe.

As the owner of a comfort shoe store, I have many options when it comes to wearing shoes. I find myself wearing my RYN “Babylon” dress shoes to work quite a bit of the time. They feel like a “hybrid” between the cushioning of an MBT and the control of Finn Comfort’s “Finnamic” rocker shoes. The shoe has a raised arch that “massages” my feet as I walk and the rocker is more aggressive than the MBTs, so I can feel an extra workout in my calf muscles. The fit is very secure and comfortable on my foot, with no heel slipping.Celia loves her RYN “Fiona” shoes, and they have now joined Z-CoiL and Alegria as her favorite shoes.

The quality of the RYN shoes is impeccable, and you can feel the quality as soon as you put the shoes on. Nothing sloppy about the construction of these shoes. Three shoe industry experts have inspected the RYN shoes in our store, and all of them were very impressed with how the shoes were designed, stitched, lasted and finished. One of them pointed out several design features in the RYN shoes that other shoe companies have eliminated to cut costs. RYN shoes are designed, manufactured and headquartered in Pusan, South Korea. The South Koreans are known for making some of the highest-quality, most durable shoes in the world. Z-CoiL shoes have a reputation for lasting for years. They are also manufactured in South Korea.

We have had the RYN shoes for just over a month, and we are starting to see customers coming in to add another pair to their collection. Most of these customers have previously worn MBT shoes that like the feeling of the RYN shoes better. We know exactly what they’re talking about – because the RYN feeling gets addictive.


The whole rocker-sole “Active Walking” category of footwear is rapidly gaining acceptance for enhanced muscle-toning, postural benefits and improved circulation. We applaud this new category of footwear for its inherent health benefits. Many manufacturers are entering this category with a wide variety of offerings. If shoes were cars, each brand will “drive” somewhat differently. The cheaper brands will be poorly constructed and drive like Yugos. They will feel good at first, but seams will split, the cushioning will bottom-out and the lining will be shot. Other brands will perform decently, and drive like Fords. The RYN shoes drive like a Lexus. You can feel the quality, control and stability with each step, and you have every reason to expect durability and longevity.

By Cam White
Total Relief Footwear…Austin Texas

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